Agile Transformation – Just Keep Swimming… Just Keep Swimming…

Regal Tang - croppedOne of the most important things I’ve learned as I’ve been working through the Agile transformation at IDT is that not everything is going to go as smoothly as I would have liked it to.  I have to remember that I’m introducing (sometimes very significant) changes to how people do their job, and it’s not unreasonable for people to have some resistance to that.

Forcing change on people or saying, “you will do this simply because I say so” is not a winning strategy.  I remember days I would head home feeling defeated and beat down.  It’s important not to give up.  Keep as positive an outlook as you can, and plan your strategy for the next discussion.  Don’t keep repeating the same tired arguments over and over.  If they didn’t convince someone before, that person is not likely to suddenly change his or her mind about it.  Try to understand where people are coming from and what their concerns are.  Find ways to address their concerns.  If you can’t, it might not be a bad idea to question your approach.  Above all, challenge issues and not people.

In future posts, I’ll cover some ways to help overcome objections to agile and dispel some pernicious agile myths.

Most importantly, keep a positive attitude and don’t give up!

Creative Commons Regal Tang” by Kevin Chan is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Cropped from original

2 thoughts on “Agile Transformation – Just Keep Swimming… Just Keep Swimming…

  1. I know the feeling. It applies to other areas as well, such as convincing developers to write tests. One way to get intrinsic motivation is to show people how an activity is in their own best interests. That’s not easy when they have different priorities than you.


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